"We have found the Fair Hill Equine Therapy Center to be an invaluable asset to our operation. We utilize all of the available therapies every day. Bruce and his staff are what makes it a success, the care and attention they give to our horses is reflected in the results they have which corresponds to success on the track for us.Ē
-Graham Motion, Kentucky Derby & Dubai World Cup winner

"The horses look good when they come back from AquaPacer rehabilitation. Most racehorses have injuries like bucked shins or are recovering from chips that have been surgically removed. These horses have been able to maintain a certain level of fitness in the AquaPacer, so we can get started up at the track a little sooner; but the main goal is to get back to best horse you can."
- Bill Mott, Hall of Fame trainer
"Iím thoroughly impressed by Bruceís whole operation and his ideas on therapy. He guided me through it all and shared with me ideas on the best way for my horses to succeed. Iím an old racetrack guy, so it was all new to me. I never thought about shipping my horses to Fair Hill. But I get it. Itís been a huge change in attitude for me."
-Shug McGaughey, Kentucky Derby-winning Hall of Fame trainer
"The treatments really speed up the recovery process and have been an invaluable tool for us. The Fair Hill experience enables horses to get back to full training much faster."- Patrick Lawley-Wakelin,
-Racing manager for Robert Evans
"The facility gives me plenty of options. It might be for horses coming off a tough race that need a little help or those rehabbing off surgeries. All of the therapies enable horses to get back to work in a timely manner."
- Mike Trombetta, top 25 trainer
"The team of professionals at Fair Hill Equine Therapy Center make every visit a positive experience for our horses and clients. The horses are always handled exceptionally well, with safety first and foremost a priority. I have the utmost confidence in Bruce Jackson and his team and have been greatly encouraged by their professional handling of all situations. We have referred many clients to Fair Hill Equine Therapy Center and have received glowing reports from all."
- Susanne Hassler, Hassler Dressage
"A top class facility that does an outstanding job"
- Barclay Tagg, Kentucky Derby-winning trainer